Why does logistic regression overfit in high-dimensions?

Asymptotes, perfect separation, and the curse of dimensionality

Frequentist and Bayesian Hypothesis Testing

All the basics, and why you should always worry about multiple comparisons

Group coordination, automatic clustering, and scikit-learn

Using machine learning to study how people march in time

Online Experiments #2: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Simplicity vs Flexibility

Online Experiments #1: How the Web Works

It’s always been useful to be able to run experiments online. Post COVID-19, it’s essential.

Freelance Work: I can put your research online [Update: Not any more]

Update: Now I can’t.

Prediction through Simulation

Or, if you want to understand and predict something, make a toy model of it

The Monte Carlo Approach

Simulation is easier than algebra

Gorgeous ggplots

Some fine looking ggplot functions I’ve put together over the years

Should we be tracking COVID19 symptoms online?

I think so, but I’m not an epidemiologist, so I’ll need some help.