Freelance Work: I can put your research online [Update: Not any more]

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I’ve started a new position working with Jon Roiser and Oli Robinson’s Neuroscience and Mental Health group at UCL, where I’ll be working on building online computational psychiatry tasks.

If you’re interested in building online experiments, you might enjoy my guide to doing it yourself

Three things:

  1. For reasons which might be obvious, I’m currently between jobs.

  2. For very similar reasons, no one is going to be running any psychology experiments in the lab any time soon.

  3. I have a lot of experience designing and running online experiments.

I think I see how these things might fit together.

I’m now available, on a freelance basis, to move your studies online. I’m offering to build the experiments, set them up on the appropriate platforms (see below), and to teach from your research group to handle the experiments themselves after I’m done. I can do the following:

  • Build studies in Gorilla or jsPsych, or implement your paradigms from scratch in javascript.
  • Implement complex paradigms such as mouse-tracking, animation, and real-time interaction between participants.
  • Optimise for smartphones and tablets, and incorporate multimedia data from microphones, webcams, touchscreens, accelerometers, vibrators.
  • Participant recruitment via Mechanical Turk/Prolific Academic, etc.
  • Host your experiments on a university server or on Gorilla, or, for complex projects, help you set up your own server.
  • Provide the necessary training to allow researchers in your group to take over the experiment once it’s up and running, and to make changes to the paradigm.

You can find a portfolio of some online experiments I’ve built at

If this is something your lab needs, get in touch!
Please feel free to forward this page to other researchers who might be interested.

— Eoin

Cognitive (Neuro)Scientist
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