Metacognition and Confidence in Perceptual Judgement

How much do we trust our senses? When we make a decision about something in the world, we are usually able to think and reflect on the decision itself: Why did I decide that? Am I sure I'm right? How difficult was that decision? We call this kind of thnking about thinking metacognition. In this project, working primarily with Professor Ophelia Deroy at the Institute of Philosophy, part of the University of London School of Advanced Study, we explored how much confidence people have in decisions made using different senses, and how they come to notice when their senses deceive them.

We're also interested in how much of this thinking about thinking people are able to communicate to each other. For instance, to make good decisions in groups, we need to be able to tell people not only what we think, but why we think it, and how sure we are of it.

Eoin Travers
Cognitive (Neuro)Scientist