Visual Discrimination Task

In this task, you'll see a bunch of dots, floating randomly around the middle of the screen. On each trial, after a random period of time, the most of the dots will start to move in the same direction. Your task is to indicate whether these dots are moving to the left, or to the right.

Once the dots begin to move, press "f" if you think they're moving to the left, and "j" if you think they're moving to the right. You'll recieve points if correct, but lose points if you're wrong. Please rest your left index finger over "f" and your right index finger over "j" throughout the task.

The amount of time you have to wait for the dots to start moving in the same direction varies from trial to trial, and on some trials you'll have to wait a very long time. Whenever you want, you can skip the current trial, and start the next one, by pressing "f" and "j" at the same time. You'll recieve points every time you skip. Remember, you'll only be playing for 15 minutes, so skipping the trials with long wait times is a good way to win more points, and earn more money.

To begin, press "f" and "j".

Score: 0
Time remaining: 5:00