I'm a cognitive psychologist, currently working as a post-doc with Nicholas Shea and Chris Frith in the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London School of Advanced Study. As part of the AHRC Meaning for the Person, Meaning for the Brain project, we're exploring the relationship between how the brain processes information and constructs meaning at the "personal" and "subpersonal" levels. Right now, we're looking at the role of conscious awareness in learning and decision making.

I was previously a PhD student with the School of Psychology at Queen's University Belfast, working with Aidan Feeney and Jonathan Rolison on the temporal dynamics of reasoning. Click here for a copy of my PhD thesis.

I'm also interested in how conflict arises and is resolved in cognition, the role of different kinds of knowledge in reasoning, Bayesian accounts of perception and cognition, and dynamical systems theory.

See here for a list of publications and conference presentations.


I'm also interested in new tools for data collection, analysis, and visualisation You can find a list of open source projects I'm involved in here.


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