About Me

I’m a cognitive neuroscientist at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, working in the Neuroscience and Mental Health group.

I’m currently looking for a position in data science/analysis in London. I know lots of things about data, statistics, machine learning, Bayes, web development, Python, R, minds, and brains. If you’re looking for someone who knows these things, get in touch!


  • Decision-Making & Inference
  • Action & EEG
  • Metacognition & Consciousness
  • Bayes, Python & R


  • Postdoc | 2017 - Now |
    Self-Initiated Action

    Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL

  • Postdoc | 2015 - 2017 |
    Consciousness & Metacognition

    Institute of Philosophy, University of London

  • PhD Psychology | 2012 - 2015 |
    Conflict in Reasoning

    Queen's University Belfast

  • BSc Psychology | 2009 - 2012 |

    Queen's University Belfast

Recent Posts

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Online Experiments

Studies I’ve run online (but only the fun ones)

Social Tasting

A big one. Tablet-based interactive social wine-tasting experiment. Tate Modern, 2017.


An enhanced questionnaire looking at memory for virtual environments

Waiting Games

A series of fun experiments on the timing of self-initiated actions. With animations.


Using cursor-tracking to study the dynamics of conflict during decision-making

The Rest

Some other experiments that don’t get a post of their own


Some of the topics I’ve been working on

Voluntary Action, Evidence Accumulation, and Decision-Making

How does the brain initiate actions without external cues?

Conscious Awareness and Learning from Experience

What’s the point of being conscious?

Dynamics of Conflict in Reasoning

Movements of the hand reveal conflict in the mind


(2020). How social contexts affect cognition: mentalizing interferes with sense of agency during voluntary action. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


(2020). Racial bias in face perception is sensitive to instructions but not introspection. Consciousness and Cognition.


(2020). The Readiness Potential reflects expectation, not uncertainty, in the timing of action. bioRxiv.

PDF Preprint

(2019). Do readiness potentials happen all the time?. NeuroImage.